Is the device running water

Simple steps and problem solved

The device ceases to taste or smell

Simple steps and problem solved

The water is weak or does it come out

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Does the device drain water and electricity

Simple steps and problem solved

كيف يكون شكل جهاز التحلية بعد التركيب ؟

Depending on the type of appliance, many appliances are of the type that is installed under the kitchen sink, as shown in the following figure:

How do I order a filter

By shopping cart in our store from here
By providing us with your mobile number via the link

How are our prices, and are they cheap or high

What distinguishes the pure drop, praise be to God, is its eagerness to provide the best product with the best quality with the best service at the lowest possible price, and in general the prices depend on the specifications of the product chosen.

Does the desalination device cool the water

Certainly, the desalination device function focuses on water desalination and purification, and when you want to cool the water, we have desalination fridges that you can order independently from here

Where are the cities that are covered by pure drop services

By the grace of God, our services cover more than 150 cities and provinces in our beloved kingdom

Is home filter healthy and safe

By the grace of God, our wise government supplies homes with drinking water. What affects the water are poor pipes in the house, as well as tanks and lack of cleanliness, as well as the difference in the rate of salts from one house to another.

All our desalination equipment contains at least 6 filters that mainly seek to get rid of water pollutants, and the added value of the reverse osmosis desalination plants is their ability to remove dissolved solids in the water, including salts.

American, Taiwan, or Vietnamese

The country of manufacture has no effect on the quality of the device, all pure devices are manufactured according to specifications, standards and pure quality, and all devices are under the care and a pure warranty against workmanship for a period of two years and 5 years of free service, so there is no need to worry

Are the technicians qualified

In Pure Drop, we have a strict training policy of nearly 200 training hours, after which the technician undergoes strict tests to ensure the eligibility of any technician before his job accreditation

Where are the pure drop stores

The main branch of the Pure Drop Est is located in Jeddah, the Mushrifa district, Amir Mutab bin Abdul Aziz Street, intersection with the Mushrifa neighborhood

What is the nationality of the technicians

All technicians are specialists from different Arab nationalities (Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Palestine)

How to change filters and how much are they charged

Periodic maintenance is every 3 months, during which the first, second and third stages are changed, and after a year has passed, the fifth, sixth and seventh stages (if any) are added to it, and after two years, the fourth phase change is added to it

3-month maintenance: Phase 1, 2 and 3 at a price of 100 riyals, including installation
Maintenance for the year: the 6-stage devices (stage 5 and 6) are priced at 150 riyals, the 7-stage devices (stage 5, 6 and 7) are priced at 200 riyals including installation
Two-year maintenance: changing the fourth stage (salt filter) at a price of 200 riyals, including installation

How much sweet water the device shows

The device produces between 240-300 liters of desalinated water a day, that is, between 12 to 18 large water bottles (Jerkle)

How long does the device need to fill the tank it comes with

The speed depends on the cleanliness of the house’s water, but in general the device can fill between 15-20 liters within about 15-20 minutes

How much salinity is after installing the device

The device desalinates and purifies the water from salts up to about 50-120 TDS to be pure and drinkable
It can also stop the salt completely as the body replaces the salts from different meals